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tracking collars

Nix T03 Collier de suivi animal GPS Satellite léger longue autonomie


- Weight less than 400g.
- Invisible GPS antenna.
- Custom strap size.
- Automated data transmission.
- Standalone version >2 years or rechargeable 3 weeks


- Proximity indicator (BLE).
- GSM/Lte-M/NB lot
- Gps/Glonass/Galileo
- Option: LPWAN-LoRa


- Mobile app
- Sensor settings
- Data storage and tracking
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Nix T-01
Colliers de suivi animaux GPS GSM LPWAN NB-IOT Satellite
Nix T-02
Nix T03 Collier de suivi animal GPS Satellite léger longue autonomie
Nix T-03
Nix T03 Collier de suivi animal GPS Satellite léger longue autonomie
The Nix line of monitoring equipment is developed to support conservation professionals and veterinarians who care for wildlife in the wild or in captive environments. The use of our collars will facilitate your interventions in the field and allow you to acquire in-depth knowledge on the movements and behaviors of the species you observe.

Our tracking collars are designed to be ergonomic, lightweight and durable in order to limit the impact on animal welfare and to contribute to your studies on species conservation. They exist in several sizes and in 5 strap colors. Our necklaces come in 2 versions: a long-lasting autonomous version and a rechargeable version.

Nix GPS collars make it possible to track the position of the animal several times a day, to record its movements, to check how fast it moves, to record the outside temperature and to emit a signal to leave the area (geofencing). We provide after-sales service with an eco-responsible approach to replace certain elements of the necklace at a lower cost and extend its lifespan: battery, protective case, strap

All our necklaces are assembled in France and delivered to you directly with the desired settings. You can then change the frequency of sending data directly from your Nix App interface, available in web and mobile format. Do not hesitate to contact us for support in the selection of your equipment.


Brackets jaune
Keen Ranger PT
360° vision
4G LTE-M connected
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of nature with our connected camera trap from the recognized brand Reolink, designed to capture the rarest and most precious moments.

Using cutting-edge 360° technology, our camera offers an unparalleled 2K resolution photography experience for wildlife enthusiasts and research professionals.

Powered by a long-lasting battery and a solar panel, the Keen Ranger PT camera transmits data in real time for uninterrupted use.

Access your photo and video feeds remotely from your smartphone via the application. We deliver your camera trap with the GSM chip adapted to your site and your data consumption.